How to disable Google Doodles using an AdBlock filter

Assuming you have the AdBlock add-on installed, you can use it as shown below to filter out Google Doodles. The doodles are almost always a distraction; my poor mind is already burdened with enough things. Also, FYI : I use

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A regular expression to match prime numbers!

The “Command Line Session” section below shows a session in perl -d where I explored this regular expression that matches a prime number of characters, but NOT a non-prime number of characters! Let’s call this the “primes regex” ^(?!(..+)\1+$) I

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Range Bars in NinjaTrader 7

Back in March 2012, I had to do a LOT of work to backtest some trading systems that used Range Bars with NinjaTrader 7. These are the personal notes I made during that period. These may be relevant to you

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Notes on “Volatility”, Chapter 5 from Options on Foreign Exchange by David DeRosa

This blog post is a test of publishing from OneNote to WordPress via Word ! I suppose I should post a note on how to do that. “Options on Foreign Exchange” by David DeRosa, Chapter 5, “Volatility”. It’s REALLY good.

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How I got PHPEclipse + the DBG debugger working on Windows

Whew! I finally got PHP 5.1.1 debugging working with PHPEclipse on Windows XP. My plan was to use XAMPP for the Apache, PHP, and MySQL part, and then set up PHPEclipse. There are many pages describing how to do this

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Ode to the VC++ 6 compiler/linker

I am the drained brain, I and the ass in the pain, I will trouble you again and again, “Error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _main” (With apologies to the hard working guys that must’ve taken years to write the compiler.

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Peterson’s 2-process mutual exclusion algorithm

Was reading up about Petri Nets and chanced on this cool piece of code: This wonderful algorithm is a software-only 2-process mutual exclusion algorithm. Though it is not the first software-only 2-process mutual exclusion algorithm (Dekker’s in 1965 was the

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